Tent policy

Once your invoice is paid, you will receive this rental agreement via email to sign. Agreements must be signed for set up to occur.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is due in full upon booking to reserve your date. Dates will not be reserved without payment. You may cancel with a 100% refund up until 14 days prior to scheduled date. You may cancel with a 75% refund up to 7 days prior to scheduled date. When cancellations are made 6 days prior to event, there are no refunds due to being unable to reschedule the tent.

If your family has been quarantined and it is within the 6 days of scheduled date, cancellation with refund will not be available.


Our tents are able to withstand water and are waterproof. We strive to put safety first and will reschedule with you if there is a threat of high winds, severe storms or tornadoes. It is the renters responsibility that if a storm does occur, that all occupants move from inside the tent. Freezing temperatures does not mean tent cancellation. Meadors Homestead is not responsible for any injury or death that occurs during a weather outbreak while using a tent.

Site Preparation

Outdoor bell tent: Renter must ensure site is ready, (lawns mowed, furniture moved, vehicles cleared, etc.) before the crew is scheduled to arrive. If you have pets, please be sure the site area is clear of any animal waste. Installation of a tent must be done correctly for the protection of the users, the tent and the accessories. The tent must be on grass/dirt. Renter must ensure there is a 25 feet diameter opening all the way around the tent for securing the tent. The tent is secured by stakes in the ground. Renter is responsible to know where all sprinklers, water lines, gas lines and all other utilities are located. If you have a pet, it must be secured during set up. Meadors Homestead is not responsible for any damage to any sprinklers, water lines, sewer, utilities, landscaping, lawn lights, concrete, asphalt, lawn, etc. during setup or take down.

Indoor Tents: Renter must ensure site is ready, (furniture moved, area clean) before the crew is scheduled to arrive.


Our equipment and decor should not damage easily under normal use; however, you are responsible for any damage, theft or cleaning costs not related to the ordinary use which includes but is not limited to: cutting or tearing of the tent, soiled or damaged mattresses, torn or stained linens, etc. Absolutely no nail polish, confetti, silly string, etc. is allowed inside of the tent. Any items that are lost or stolen, renter will be responsible for the full cost equal to its replacement. Please remove your shoes before entering the tent. A non-smoking environment must be provided at all times. Smoke could cause damage to the tent, rugs and linens. If there is smoke damage, a cleaning fee will be charged to the renter.

Pet Policy

We love that you love your furry friend and we welcome them (dog and cats) inside our tents. If you have a pet, please notify Tents by Meadors Homestead. Due to the nature of our tent set up, pets are welcome inside but should not be in beds or on linens. Due to the extra cleaning required for pets, there is a $45 pet cleaning fee. You are responsible for the additional cleaning or replacement of any damages to the tent, inside and outside, including chewing of rope, urinating on tent or excess dog hair inside of the tent. You also understand that if you do not notify Tents by Meadors Homestead about your pet but pet hair, pet damage is found, you will be responsible for the pet cleaning fee along with additional cost of damage incurred. Do not leave the pet alone inside of the tent.

Food and Drink Policy

Outdoor glamping: No food should be consumed inside of the tent unless purchased through Tents by Meadors Homestead. Clear drinks are welcome but if a spill occurs, you are responsible to dry the spill. Do not roast marshmallows inside the tent.

Outdoor picnic: Food and drinks are welcome inside the tent. Please refrain from any food or drink that stain easily, including Cheetos, Doritos, fruit juices, etc. Please ensure that all food and trash have been removed from the tent prior to pick up.

Release of Liability

Meadors Homestead will not be held responsible for accidental or purposeful damage caused by you or your guest. We assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damaged caused during your event. Additionally, we will not be liable for claims for personal injury or death during your reserved time. Children should never be left unattended without adult supervision inside of the tent. We are not liable for any sickness, including COVID-19 that maybe transmitted during your event.


If you are requesting travel 25 miles past Harrisburg, Arkansas a $1.50 per mile charge to and from set up, will be added to your invoice. Due to travel time, your set up and take down time could vary. You will you be notified of those times a week prior during your final details consultation.

Heat and Air Unit

If your package includes either an electric heater or an air conditioner, there is no guarantee that the tent will be at “room temperature.” We strive to make your stay in our tent as comfortable as possible. Meadors Homestead is not responsible for temperature fluctuations inside of the tent due to weather conditions outside of the tent.

Do not try to break down the tent or any other equipment.

We serve the right to exit immediately due to illegal activity or disrespectful clients. You will be charged the full price for the party.